Have you been searching for a speaker to bring passion and fire to your community? 
Someone who has been in the trenches, fighting the battles that so many of us encounter on a daily basis, to convince your community that healing and overcoming are possible?

You are worthy!

Maybe it's time to chat with Melanie!


Imagine finding a passionate speaker who brings truth, and a powerful message that ignites the desire within the audience to move in fear.

Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and divine connection as we welcome Melanie, a captivating speaker who will ignite the flames of inspiration within your hearts. In this extraordinary presentation, she will unveil a profound message—one that resonates with the unwavering belief that the Holy Spirit resides within each and every one of us.

Through personal anecdotes, introspection, and timeless wisdom, Melanie will guide us on a transformative path, illuminating the depths of our souls and instilling within us a renewed sense of purpose, acceptance, and inner peace. Drawing from her own encounters with life's challenges and triumphs, she will remind us that we are all deserving of the divine grace that resides within us.

Life can seem like a dark battle at times.

But I get it...


Speaking engagements accompanied by her new book!

In {un}Silenced. Suicide saved me. The gift of breaking free, Melanie Wilson offers her unvarnished, unfiltered, and untethered story of pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, and unresolved hurts, and how, despite her suffering, despite attempts at healing, despite her desire for un-suffering, she felt backed into a dangerous and life-threatening corner, no way out—until several rock bottoms.

But on the other side of this unresolvedness, where Melanie stands today and vows to deliver us, she begins by reassuring us that the pain is transitory—joy, glory, blessings, and freedom await. That’s a bold reassurance. Melanie delivers. God came to her and kept His promises.

Throughout the book and throughout her keynote, she goes into depth of her trials and how God helped her become the blessed woman she is today. She loves sharing her story to serve others.


  • Mental Health: anxiety, depression & trauma 
  • Self-care 
  • Empowerment 
  • Finding your voice 
  • Walking in your Purpose 
  • Discovering you are more than qualified 
  • Choosing Joy 
  • Walking in alignment with who God says you are
  • Lies, limiting beliefs, toxic talk
  • Overcoming unresolved hurt and unprocessed trauma…

Melanie loves to pour into audiences and share light through these topics. However, this is not an exhaustive list. If there's a topic you wish to deliver to your community, contact her and inquire. Developing profound and relevant messages is something she desires to create.




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"What an amazing gathering. I could feel sparks flying the entire time. Witnessing
that woman's breakthrough and seeing you pray over her with such conviction and
passion, I could help but come up to lay hands on her as well. Thank you for all that
you do for us!"

-N. Goss

"This CHOOSING JOY workshop with my coach was outstanding. She has really taught me about finding things that bring me joy and doing more of those things.
This is one of our She'll Rise quotes that I love. Because of her, I found my faith again and I am finally becoming who God has called me to be. So much healing and many breakthroughs along this path, and attending this event today exceeded

-C. Summa

"Getting a "Melanie" hug was exactly what I needed. I always love to hear her talk
and attend anything that she is providing to the She'll Rise community because I always leave
feeling empowered."

- N. Booth

"I tend to not focus on the joys in my life and realize I am only keeping myself stuck
by not acknowledging that joy. I felt re-energized after Melanie's talk.
Her energy is

- D. Soder

We are all divine.

You can find joy - even in the sorrow.

Be prepared to witness the power of  Melanie's words as they resonate deep within your being, touching the very core of your existence. Each time she touches the stage, she extends a heartfelt invitation to embrace the profound truth that, at our essence, we are beings of divine light.

Together, you will awaken to the magnificent revelation that God, believes unequivocally in our boundless capacity for joy and unconditional love. As Melanie takes the stage, let her illuminate your path, empowering you to step into your true essence and experience a life brimming with unbridled joy, unwavering love, and limitless light.

Get ready to be inspired, uplifted, and transformed as Melanie shares this extraordinary message with you.

Open your hearts, and allow her to guide you towards the brilliance that resides within each and every one of you.

Embrace this enlightening experience, and together, let us bask in the overwhelming belief that God believes in the radiant potential that lies within us all.