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Our exclusive coaching program is designed with a concentrated focus on you and your needs.

Together, we will begin to work through the deeply rooted issues that have conditioned you, and shaped how you process information.

We will unravel the unresolved hurt, and unprocessed trauma and map out a manageable action plan to move you forward.

Melanie's clients see results within the first seven days! The process works if you are willing to commit and do the work.

With Melanie's support, accountability, and diverse modalities, you will break free and flourish.

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equine therapy

An innovative approach to get outside of the typical mental health modality to encourage breaking chains and living life unbridled. 

My 1:1 sessions have helped countless women break free and flourish as they embraced wholeness and healing, having the opportunity to get outside of the typical therapy modalities and engage with horses in nature will allow next level healing to occur.

I am passionate about the overall well-being of both horses and people, and know first hand what the exchange can do for us when we work with horses.

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Finding your people is not an easy thing to do, but essential because we need to be supported.

Life is hard and messy, and there is something special about having women who understand this can be a saving grace.

This community, our sisterhood, was created for the beautiful women who are choosing to show up and do life with one another from a place of authenticity, rawness, and meeting each other where they are.

The women in our She'll Rise sisterhood value and respect one another, and share a common desire for collaborating, supporting, and encouraging each other.

We gather to celebrate who you are, pour into you, and fill your cup.

These gatherings are life-giving and the culture feels safe to come as you are. If you need to feel loved, seen, heard, and supported, we are holding space for you.

"Come sit with us. You belong here too."

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book club

book club

Building a library of books written by authors who can challenge the way you think, encourage you to strive for more, while providing real testimonies that you can relate to are critical. Our book club selects one book and we dive in as a tribe! 

Discussions occur based on what we are reading and generate amazing conversations. 

This is an ideal opportunity to build friendships with women who want to become the best versions of themselves.

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“A brave body of work!” Charles Raywood, Publisher

"Melanie Wilson offers her unvarnished, unfiltered, and untethered story of pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, and unresolved hurts, and how, despite her suffering, despite attempts at healing, despite her desire for un-suffering, she felt backed into a dangerous and life-threatening corner, no way out—until rock bottom."

But on the other side of this unresolvedness, where Melanie stands today and vows to bring us, she begins by reassuring her readers that the pain is transitory—joy, glory, blessings, and freedom await. That’s a bold reassurance. But this author delivers.

Are you ready to get a copy in your hands, and begin your journey of healing? You can purchase your copy written by Melanie, an international best-selling author, on Amazon. 

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Hear what women are saying:

- R. Suiter

“I am a believer of taking up my space unapologetically with the tools and techniques that my Coach Melanie has taught me. Before I met Melanie, I was in a spiral going down so far and fast that I lost complete control of my emotions. I became unaligned and did not know how to get back on track. My relationships were unhealthy, my emotions were everywhere, I had anxiety attacks on a regular basis, my body was exhausted, I was drinking too much, I was untrusting, very paranoid and angry.
I am in my early 50's and felt like a complete emotional wreck! I knew something had to change and that meant I had to find someone to help me get my space back! When I heard Melanie on Club House speak to me with the understanding and compassion I knew she was my person.

 Melanie took the time to reach out to me and ask me to a "She'll Rise '' virtual conference. I didn't really want to attend because I did not trust or even like women at that time and getting vulnerable meant I had to acknowledge that I needed to feel safe to do so. The conference was the beginning of my recovery with Melanie.

- C. Summa

I was meant to find She’ll Rise. A simple Facebook share from a friend who worked with Melanie changed my life. I saw this post at a time when I was completely shattered, blindsided, and heartbroken. I had just broke free from a 10+ year narcissistic relationship/ marriage and I barely knew who I was outside of this relationship.

Since working with She’ll Rise, I’ve learned so much about myself, my triggers, my motivators and my spirituality. Melanie helped me to gain a whole new circle of people in my life from including me in the RISE Tribe, encouraging me to find a new church, and helping me navigate a job change. We’ve done some deep work relating to childhood and how that has influenced some of the choices I’ve made throughout my life.

These sessions have brought so much awareness to my behaviors and actions. She has helped me steer away from the “all or nothing” mindset I once had especially when it came to physical exercise and nutrition.

- T. Woods

I came to Melanie a small, broken version of myself. I was full of self doubt, ridden with anxiety and the recipient of a relentless punishing internal self dialogue. I was unsure of my values, unaware of my purpose and unable to show up for myself.

 I am so pleased to say that after the 12 week program...putting in the hard work, challenging myself and being open to possibilities, I am a full and confident me, completely aware that I have been fearfully and wonderfully created with purpose and for purpose.

Melanie has supplied me with tools that I can use to conquer my anxiety, has helped me to define my values, and most importantly has shown me how to come into alignment with those values. 

a note from Melanie:

“Your doing enough has absolutely nothing to do with you being enough!”

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Are you ready to LevelUp to RiseUp, but not sure where to begin?

Download this guide to kickstart a manageable action to ignite sustainable change. I know it can be overwhelming to figure out how and where to begin, so I created this document with you in mind.

You've got this girl, and I am excited to see you flourish!

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